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Technical Game Designer


Remote / United States of America / Canada
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Function: Web/Graphic Design/Internet
  • Industry: Technology
  • Post Date: 01/20/2023
  • Website:
  • Company Address: , Santa Monica, CA
  • Salary Range: $50,000 - $150,000

About Thatgamecompany

thatgamecompany designs and develops artistically crafted, broadly accessible video games that push the boundaries of interactive entertainment. They strive to contribute meaningful, enriching experiences that touch and inspire players and create timeless interactive entertainment that makes positive change to the human psyche worldwide.

Job Description

We are a small studio dedicated to crafting unique and high-quality interactive experiences, and we are looking for a talented designer-programmer hybrid who will collaborate with both the engineering and design teams. The goal in this role is to drive the creation and improvement of core gameplay and technical systems and tools highly tuned for the level of rich feedback and player immersion that helped define our games.

An example week for this person might be: Attend a design meeting and discover the need for a new camera feature to support a new content release. Program the camera feature and jump into the level editor to test and refine its implementation. Then, improve the level editor’s toolset to enable the rest of the design team to make full use of your new feature in future levels. Of course, the role isn’t limited to just camera features. Any interactive system applies — procedural animation, cloth simulation, player controls, AI creatures, NPC interactions — use your imagination!

What you'll do here:

  • Crafting technical systems that enable gameplay (either alone or with a small team)
  • Create fluid user interactions with rich feedback and polished game feel
  • Enjoys enabling team members by improving the creative pipeline
  • Is comfortable with cross-disciplinary work and collaboration

Must haves:

  • Proficient in C, C# or C++ for quickly prototyping 3D gameplay
  • Visual scripting
  • Multiplayer game development
  • Online operation of a live game
  • Maya or 3D game engines

Nice to haves:

  • Seek adventure and uncertainty in exploring experimental and risky game concepts
  • Believe in the practice of rapid prototyping and relentless iteration
  • Have a desire to create meaningful, enriching experiences that touch and inspire players